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Graphic Design Services is a professional web design firm located in Leavenworth, Washington also known as "The Bavarian Village". Unlike run-of-the-mill website design firms we make it a point to deliver a distinctive look to your website. Our web designing ensures that your website is search engine friendly, aesthetically appealing and user friendly. We specialize in developing websites that work.

We understand that every company has its unique requirement when it comes to web design. Our responsibility is to project that uniqueness and make the website stand out from its competition. Most of our time goes into understanding your business objectives, defining the problem and finally designing the best possible solution. Your website can offer you the best return for your investment, if done correctly.

Graphic Design Services offers a wide range of Internet services. We will help you get connected to the Internet, make intelligent decisions about creating your presence on the Web. We will show you how the Internet really works, what projects we have done, and what people in your field are doing.

Every great business idea takes wings with the launch of a professionally designed website. Internet has redefined the way business is transacted and your website is the gateway to these business opportunities. A online presence has become indispensable for every company or business.

Graphic Design Services provides fast and cost-effective maintenance services both for the clients who order designs from us and for whoever needs to maintain and update their site. We backup, edit, update and fix your site while you are running your business. We approach each web design in an individual way and strive to provide the best services for each client.


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I spent my business career over 35 years in management for two Fortune 500 companies. During this time I still operated a graphic design business. I have been retired since 1996 from the corporate world. I've had several jobs since moving to Leavenworth, Washington. Worked with local paper doing graphic design for over 2 years and then spent 3 years as Director of Media Relations and Accountant for Leavenworth Chamber.
During this period I became very interested in the newest medium...the Internet and it's affect on business and society in general. This led me to try my hand at web design. I purchased some software and I was on my way. In the early days there was little training so I become a self-taught designer. I have never considered my self a programmer...but rather my expertise is in design...a website to suit the clients needs. What started as a perhaps a hobby has turned into a business. A business that has had as many as 125 clients and even today for a one-person operation we service over 55 clients. I invite you to visit my portfolio and you will se a variety of business and groups represented.
As a one-person operation I am able to give excellent service to my clients. I also have a great deal of Marketing experience which helps in working with clients in promoting their business. If I can be of service please give me a call at 509-548-0150 and we can discuss your needs. This is always a free consultation.




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    Why Should Have a Web Presence
    The internet is becoming the commercial medium of the 21st century. You need to be there to take part. While your competitors are busy getting ready with their web presence, or already there, you could be losing out. The World Wide Web is becoming the Yellow Pages of the future and the present!

    Communication is the key in any business or organization, and that is what a web site offers you. It provides you with a 24 hour marketing tool to the public around the world. The Internet is going to continue to grow in the future. Are your clients going to find you on the Internet?

    You already have a website!

    Congratulations: you've taken a crucial step.

    If you don't give your target audience compelling reasons to come back again and again...well, it's unlikely they will come back again. One often overlooked process on the internet today is updated information - in short, fresh content. It can be as simple as changing the content of your site to reflect current events and issues, continually adding new articles and special reports, or posting past newsletter issues in a special archive. If you don't maintain a key presence on the Internet, whether your business is online or offline, your competition will devour you.

    It's likely that you put a lot of time and/or money into your current online presence, so it's only natural to want to think of it as something that's "finished." That's why it pays to follow through on your investment; think of it as the user interface to your company, not just an electronic brochure.

    Say I want to find a German video? I'm already at my computer, I just do a search for German videos and with a few keystrokes I am able to locate the many sources that have German videos. They are all at my fingertips and I never left home. Not only do I get contact information, but I get a profile of the company, samples of their work, and a much better feel for who I'll be dealing with.


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    Our price quotes for custom web design are based on your needs, not on a prepackaged web site that may not fit your business plans for a web site. All web sites are developed, programmed and optimized to be search engine ready. For a no obligation cost estimate on a new web site or redesign for a current web site contact us. Graphic Design Services offers honest answers to your web design pricing questions. You have nothing to lose and perhaps a lot to gain by saving money on quality, custom web site design services.

    The exact cost for a custom web site will vary with each client, depending upon your individual needs and the look you want. Your custom web design cost estimate is based on the size and function of your web site. Graphic Design Services will work with you to keep the price within your budget, while still providing a professional web site that projects the image you want.

    Consultations and estimates are always FREE and you are under NO obligation.

    The basic Website Package includes:
    Your Basic Custom Web Design Package includes a Home Page layout, and additional pages as determined.. Of course your site is custom designed to your specifications - all content, site structure, graphic layout, color schemes, navigation and e-mail links, upload to your Internet Service Provider and optimization for search engines such as Google is included in the package price.

    For additional fees, we can design custom graphics such as logos, animations, interactive graphics and scan more images for you. We also provide web support services and site maintenance. Custom JavaScript, Flash, Swish, logo, music can be added if requested and Animations only if appropriate to overall content.

    Put your products online.
    You can set up your product line online, and take orders right over the internet. You can offer such services as online shopping with secure credit card processing. Not only that, but the internet mail system allows you to save hundreds or thousands in mailing costs. E-mail is free. Send your newsletters out electronically to everyone who has an email address.

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    Your Purpose 
    Getting Internet Access 
    Where to host your Website 
    Index Page and Site Organization 
    Site and Domain Names 
    Main Graphic to Highlight Your Site 
    Background Color or Texture
    Basic Page Elements
    Finishing Touches 
    Photos and Graphics
    Forms to Get Customer Response 
    Uploading and Testing Your Pages 
    Registering Your Site
    Maintaining Your Site 

    Features of All Our Websites
    Responsive Design-Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at allowing desktop webpages to be viewed in response to the size of the device one is viewing with.
    Color Photos 
    E-mail Link 
    Top-of-Page Graphic 
    Custom Logo Graphic 
    Color Graphics and Backgrounds 
    Installation on your ISP's computer

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    If your business doesn't yet have a website, or if it is in need of a better one we can get you on the internet fast and at a very competitive price. Contact us today for an absolutely FREE consultation.

    Take that  first us today!

    Just some of the services we provide:
    Site Promotion
    Custom Java and Applets, Flash
    Original and Scanned Graphics-Slides, Negatives, and Photographs 
    Business, Nonprofit and Individual Accounts
    E-Commerce and Secure credit card purchasing & processing 
    Provide Animation & Sound
    Continued Updates and Maintenance of Your Site
    Custom Photography of events
    Submission of site to major search engines
    Statistics-Track your results
    Online shopping cart
    Special pages such as order forms, feedback/information
    Individual and Group Training

    We can also provide
    Domain registration
    Affordable hosting of your website



Downtown Leavenworth, Washington - "The Bavarian Village"

I welcome questions and would be happy to talk with you. Just give me a call or send your request using the form below.

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"Ken has been invaluable in getting our new new website, gave us ideas based on his knowledge of authentic German themes and knowledge of the language; helped us do new flyers, great business cards and most of all is so easy to work with. We would highly recommend Ken for his marketing expertise."
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